Abnormal performance

phenomenonanalysisproblem cause

• low speed

• low output
• choke closed• open the choke
• muffler blocked• clean or change the muffler
• parts worn away• change
• ignition energy low• change the igniter or flywheel
• ignition timing not correct• adjust the timing
• valve gap too big• adjust or change the parts
• carbon deposition in cylinder head• clean
• wrong assembly of carburetor insulation gasket• re-assemble

• hunting

• oil-away blocked,too thick or too thin• adjust
• spark plug gap too big or small• adjust
• abnormal knocking• wrong valve ga• chang
• camshaft tooth damaged• change the driving tooth or governor gear
• carburetor leakage• needle valve not fully closed• clean or change
• sealing parts damaged• change
• umbrella-shaped valve not fully closed or damaged• clean or change

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