Engine does not start or hard to start

weakspark plug• spark plug fouled• clean the fouling
or• the gap is too big or too small• adjust the gap to 0.6~0.7mm
no spark• the insulation damaged• change the spark plug
igniter• igniter damaged, weak magnetic in the flywheel• change the igniter or flywheel
• gap between igniter and flywheel is too big• adjust the gap to 0.3~0.5mm
others• poor contact between the high voltage wire and the spark plug• re-connect
• engine stop switch failure or short circuit• change
spark jumpscorrect compression• too much fuel in cylinder• clean the spark plu
• low quality fuel• change the fuel • clean the filter
• high resistance in the air filter
correct fuel feed, abnormal compression• worn piston ring• chang
• spark plug loose• fasten
• cylinder head leakage, abnormal valve timing• adjust or change
carburetor pump fuel or not• fuel tube damaged,blocked,the diaphragm and the valve damage• clean or change the carburetor

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