About returning or exchange the goods

Our products are shipped after careful inspection. In order to protect your rights and interests, please check carefully when signing for receipt, and then sign for receipt after confirming that the goods are intact. If you find that the outer packaging is damaged, please contact us in time!

1. For products with quality problems, please submit them within 72 hours of signing for

2. Each product is carefully inspected before shipment, but it is inevitable that some products will have minor problems

3. Since we provide you with the lowest wholesale price, the profit is meager. If you encounter any defects, please keep it properly. The packaging is intact. After a certain amount is accumulated, return it to us together, and we will send it to you when you purchase it next time. you.

4. Any buyer who enjoys the lowest wholesale price, if there is a quality problem, needs to be returned, the buyer needs to pay the return shipping fee, and the seller pays the shipping shipping fee. Refusal to receive the payment.

The following circumstances will not provide return and exchange services:

1. The product is based on pictures and data for reference, please combine them for comparison. There is a certain color difference between the product picture and the actual product due to problems such as the shooting lights and the color difference of different displays. This is not a quality problem. The return application for this reason will not be returned. .

2. The customer’s perception of the size, color, and shape of the product is different; the product’s function or use effect is not consistent with personal expectations, and the feeling is not satisfied; the customer’s own mistakes when ordering, the style or quantity of the ordered product does not match the expectation, etc. No return or exchange if there is no quality problem;

3. Goods damaged due to improper use, such as deformed, worn, discolored, or rebuilt goods, so that they cannot be sold again;

4. Returned goods, without outer packaging, accessories, etc., resulting in serious damage to the original packaging of the goods and unable to be sold again.

5. If the return process fails to reach an agreement, the customer will return the goods on their own;

6. It is not a product sold by kimengine.com

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